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Today’s interactive word:

At the point where man and woman was one, there was within them the same power to “create” as God had when God created the world and everything in it. This power within man was just a little lower than what God has. Then God separated the man qualities from the woman qualities and made them individuals in preparation for the great temptation and the eventual fall of man.

On the surface, man had the power and authority to rule. The woman had the authority to reason. Without the compassion contained in the woman, man’s ability and authority to “create” is only half full. Without the man’s ability and authority to create, the woman’s innate qualities work only with half the effectiveness. Man and woman were separated by God as another gate preventing the ability and authority for man to create (evil). Each person individually has the ability to bless or curse something creating good or evil for themselves or in someone else’s life. However, the true power God established when He created man is found when the man and woman merge as one to create “good.”

Without harnessing the whole power of that “oneness” given to man when he comes together with the woman, each separate being fall short of the maximum power to create a world that is pleasing to God. It’s when man and woman come together in spirit and truth that the “full” power established by God is realized. It takes both together. Need scriptures?


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