Living the Word of God

A Message From Lois Ann Lachtara

This day has been a difficult one for me. I was on my way with my son to visit my Mom in Enfield, CT. The cold has made my back hurt so bad that it was difficult to breathe! I have so much Titanium in my spine! It gets cold and causes my back pain to become almost more than I can handle! I dropped Scott off in Enfield and drove home. I could not do anything to stop the pain! I was almost in panic. I made it home. Praise Jesus! I put the heating pad on my bed and laid down. I was praying. Suddenly…I had a message from my Jesus! He told me that my friend, Rev. Joseph Michael Campbell has received the Gift of Healing. Rev. Campbell has already the gifts of teaching and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. However, in my excruciating pain, Jesus showed me that he also, has the gift of healing! Next month, he will travel to Arizona where the gift will be manifest in an awesome way! I called him and told him what the Spirit of God had revealed to me in my suffering. If you need a man of God as a friend, he is on Fb. Michael Campbell. Just watch and see what Jesus Christ is going to manifest in this man….


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