Living the Word of God

Solidifying Your Expectations For Answered Prayers

Everything that you hope for lies in what you expect to happen. Being bombarded by all the negatives of life, we tend to gravitate towards the negatives resulting in our “hope” system being low on expectancy. Good news for you. Today’s tidbits will touch on something that will get you out of that rut and start you on your way to expect greater results than you have been getting. Are you ready?

FIRST, A WORD OF CAUTION. No matter where you get information that helps make you raise your propensity to expect again, everything has to start and end with the Bible. To understand the reasons why is to know that the blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and He adds no sorrow with it. Proverbs 10:22 When you obtain it any other way, it works contrary to way of love. Guilt seeps in and contaminates your thoughts having you live in fear. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.1st John 4:18 and you know that God is Love. With that said, let’s begin.

The process that I am going to present to you will allow you to seek out and expect God to give you the expectant end – what you are hoping and praying for. And knowing God, He will exceed your expectations.

First, you have to know what you want. To find this out, you are going to have to shut out everything and everybody and spend a few moments thinking. The recommended way is with the Bible, a concordance and something to write on. This is the preparation phase. You have to have in mind what you are hoping and praying for. Scriptures have a way of making us want something that we don’t currently have and receive it if you can see yourself with it. Scriptures are also a guaranteed promise from God. Sometimes we don’t remember where a scripture is thus you can look up, even with just one word, the scripture with a good concordance. In this world of etechnology, everyone just about goes to the internet as a source of research. I use as my source. It hasn’t failed me yet. I also keep a hard copy of everything especially a Strong’s Concordance. You never know when your internet will be down. Naturally, we can’t remember everything and we don’ want to miss something that is revealed to us through our inward man so a pen and paper works as well. WRITE IT DOWN.

“When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.”
Michael Leboeuf

God is a God of specifics. When you can present your case to God similar to the Attorney who presents his case to a jury, you will get results.

“I, I am he
who blots out your transgressions for my own sake,
and I will not remember your sins.

Put me in remembrance; let us argue together;
set forth your case, that you may be proved right. Isaiah 43:25-26 ESV

When you take the scriptures (your promises) to God in prayer, He has to listen because they are His words. And this is His promise:

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:11 NKJV

Knowing that God will back up His word should give you the confidence to expect the desired results.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. 1ST John 5:14-15

If you are still having problems with your expectation meter, then check out this link.

Remember the details He gave to Moses when constructing the Ark, the Tabernacle and all the ornaments? In your case, if you asked for a yellow submarine and it shows up, then you will know that it was a gift from God. I am going to use Money as an example. Why, because everybody wants and needs more money and personally, I don’t know what else YOU need so this is a good example. Besides you could always substitute healing or salvation for your loved ones or peace or whatever you really need, if it isn’t money, once you learn the process.

Set aside some time to do this. I could rush to judgment and say I need a million dollars but would be inaccurate and what I’m hoping for is based on fallacy plus it invites the devil to come into the picture and play tricks on my mind decreasing my faith in the process. When you’ve taken the time to list every debt owed, you’ve cleared your mind of the burdens to pay back what you owe and now you have  peace for that situation.

Let’s say you need healing for your body. You have to know what ails it. Symptoms like headaches, seizures, stiff neck, ataxia, optic neuritis, vomiting, weight loss, lethargy, delirium, and sometimes paralysis of a single limb or one side of the body can be signs of MS or it can be Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). You have to know which one it is.

You don’t want to rush the process. You want to be thorough with exact details of what you need. So I sat down one afternoon and thought about everybody I owed money to and wrote it on a list. From all of my past due bills from those annoying collectors to my cousin who I owe fifteen dollars to then I wrote everything down on paper. Then I took these scriptures:

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. (2 Cor 9:8); Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law. (Rom 13:8); The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender. (Prov 22:7); “The LORD will guarantee a blessing on everything you do and will fill your storehouses with grain. The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom (Deut 28:8,13 NLT).

After I meditate on them and saw myself receiving the abundance and the deliverance which accompanies the freedom I have now attained, then I write out a confession using those scriptures and I call it so.

My prayer went like this. Lord I come to you in the Name of Jesus asking you for help in irradiating this mountain of debt that I have foolishly accumulated over the years in the tune of $100,943.27 (fictitious). You said to Owe nothing to one except love and I am wanting to walk in line with your precepts, Lord you also said that you would make me the head and not the tail and that you would bless me in the land that you have placed me in. So I look to you and wait on you to generously provide all that I need so that I will always have everything that I need and plenty left over to share with others. I thank you Lord in the Name of Jesus for looking down from your Holy habitation and blessing me. Amen

My confession comes every time I think of the debt, any of the bills or especially when the devil tries to get me to move off of my faith in the prayer I prayed. This is where you win or lose the battle. If you speak in agreement with the negative circumstances, you get the negative and forfeit all the work you did to ask for the thing you needed. It would be a waste a time and discouragement to your faith. Instead of taking sides with the negative I would speak one or more of those scriptures in defense of any negative thought that may come along especially when it comes from someone close to me. I would simply say something like: “I understand your concern but I’m believing God to make, then I quote the scripture, to come to pass in my life.

You might have to do this several times before the devil stops bombarding you with defeat so stay alert and continue to rehearse those scriptures every chance you get and eventually, the negatives will subside and you will receive what you prayed for.

If you follow the scriptures, it tells you the same thing.

Study this Book of Instruction [The Bible] continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. Joshua 1:8 NLT From the scriptures, they will create a desire for you too to share in the success afforded to you by the promises contained therein and the death of Jesus Christ to seal the deal. When you meditate on the scriptures they will build your ability to trust God and expect Him to fulfill His promises to you. When you can see YOU receiving whatever promises you found in the Bible that covers your needs, you are halfway there. The remanding tasks are to talk it up and resist the negative thoughts that try to discourage you. Then after a while you will receive it. We’ll get to that a little later.

For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. Romans 8:24-25

Here it spells it out to you. You are placing you hope in something you want but can’t see in the physical though you can see it in your imagination. So you make your request made known to God and patiently wait in expectation of receiving it.

And the LORD answered me:
“Write the vision;
make it plain on tablets,
so he may run who reads it.
For still the vision awaits its appointed time;
it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow, wait for it;
it will surely come; it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:2-3 ESV

If a good friend called you and said that they would be by your house around 3 o’clock, wouldn’t you expect them to show up? Then why make requests in prayer and not expect them to come to pass? The Bible says in Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. NIV

It’s not that your prayers aren’t heard, the problem lies with you following your expectations out to the very end by getting what you hoped for from the prayer. Thoughts, negative words and/or people always come into the process to discourage us and most of the time we jump on that bandwagon of discouragement and lose (hope) focus on what we originally wanted. Let this be another reason to write things down. It helps you keep a focus and creates expectancy.

Once you’ve settled on what you want to happen, with scripture in hand ask someone to agree with you about the situation. That someone should be your significant other. If you have none, then someone at your church (if not the whole congregation) can agree with you in prayer about what you are hoping for.

“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matthew 18:19 NLT

It is during this process that you actually begin to crystallize your requests because you got someone else involved. Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Here are two scriptures that will guarantee you results:

At that time you won’t need to ask me [Jesus] for anything. I tell you the truth, you will ask the Father directly, and he will grant your request because you use my name. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. John 16:23, Mark 11:24 NLT

It looks good so far, right? When everything is beginning to start working in your favor know that the devil is launching opposition to come against what you believe for. The best defense is to know where his attacks will come from and have ready what you will do to combat the attacks. How can you know? Look at the areas of your life and determine where you are vulnerable. Here’s an example from my life. At one point I created a plan where I was going to get an Associate’s Degree in Business, a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Masters in Divinity. As soon as I was on my way attaining those goals, the opposition started to show up. It didn’t come with money or the bills. It didn’t come from the job or what others were saying. It came when my ex-wife looked me dead in the eye and told me that she hates me. She doesn’t even know why she married me and many other things which cut me to the bone. Now each time I plan something, I know that the opposition will come from those I love and hold close. You have to prepare for opposition and fight it until you win. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7.Resisting the devil In my case could have been won if I consulted with other brothers in Christ and heeded their advice on what to do. Instead, I ran into my own devices and handed the devil the victory. Once you know where the opposition will come from, it’s easy to build up your defenses to withstand it.

Do you know that the Angels are here to serve you? If you are speaking the Word of God, you can dispatch them to go and fetch your desired results.

Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation. Heb 1:14 NLT “Will any one of you who has a servant plowing or keeping sheep say to him when he has come in from the field, ‘Come at once and recline at table’? Will he not rather say to him, ‘Prepare supper for me, and dress properly, and serve me while I eat and drink, and afterward you will eat and drink’? Luke 17:7-8 ESV If you don’t give your servant orders to do something, they will stand by idle. Simple say something like: Ministering spirits sent to serve me, go get _____.

Let’s talk about confessions for a moment. The scripture that comes to mind is this one found at 2nd Corinthians 4:13 We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak. Words are containers of power. Have your words ever made anyone happy or sad? Did your words ever made anyone cry? Words are so powerful that God SAID Let there be light and there was light. (Gen 1:3)

If you can’t accept this next statement, don’t let it bother you too much. It will grow on you.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:3)  We know that Word as Jesus.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. So every time God spoke, whatever He spoke had no choice but to come to pass because His words harness all of the same power He had when He said “Let there be light.” contained Then God spoke the word into existence.

When he created mankind, God gave us delegated authority to take dominion over everything He created (except man) for our pleasure. Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground. So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.” (Gen 1:26-28 NLT)  And if that wasn’t enough, He gave us the Word in the form of a Name. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Phil 2:10-11

So in the case of a sickness or disease when you command it to flee in the Name of Jesus, it HAS TO GO  because of the power of His Name. Now you see, you already have everything you need to kick the devil out of your life and get those things that you need as you Let Your Light Shine. If we would just stop being afraid of walking in our rightful authority and speak into existence whatever we need and believe God to get it to us.

Finally, it is appropriate to thank God in advance for what you’ve asked for. If you believe you will receive something, won’t you thank the person in advance of it? Of course you will. God is no different.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. Psalms 100:4.

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. Psalms 63:3 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalms 139:14
Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalms 106:1

All praises belong to God. If you never take another breath in life, God has done more for you than every moment in each day that you’ve already lived combined. Praise the Lord.


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