Living the Word of God

One Minute On Faith

Faith starts in your mind.  We should always think the best in each situation.  At the end of each thought process, the power of good or evil is released by your words (you have what you say). What we have to do is learn to rehearse the thoughts in our mind until they come out the way God intended and we want them – good. How do you know if what you are hoping for is good? Because whatever situation you find yourself into, there is a story and an example of how God helped that person in the Bible escape the forces of evil and how God delivered that person to an expected place which lines up with our inheritance as a child of God. There is nothing that I have been through in my life that there isn’t an example on how to win big in the Bible. All I have to do is copy it and I would get the same results.

Here’s an example. If someone invites you to a banquet and you really want to go, then you start seeing negative images in your mind’s eye like you don’t have the right clothes, or no money, etc. those negative forces keeps you in bondage from enjoying yourself or being in the right place at the right time. Do away with those thoughts.

Scripture states: And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. Another translation is as follows:

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. 2ND Corinthians 9:8 NLT

Don’t be afraid of a little work. It’s required of you to meditate on this fact until you see in your imagination every situation that you come across having all that you need so that you can share with others. It’s not your problem how it will come. You just have to meditate on the scripture until it permeates your heart deep enough that you believe it’s true. Then you will never have a problem meeting any need ever again


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