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Nothing happens by accident

Nothing happens by accident. Everything that happens is by the will of God, according to His plan and for His purpose, right? This scripture talks about a twofold reward. If you are ready, lets dig deep into the treasures contained in this scripture.

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward” (Matthew 10:42 NIV). 

What do you see in this scripture? I would like to show you what was revealed to me. I hope that I can explain it so that you catch your delegated authority to represent the Lord (2nd Corinthians 5:20) and your reward.

Because nothing happens by accident, I believe God sends you into someone’s life (or sends them into yours) to bless YOU and give YOU the things you are asking Him for in prayer if you are willing and obedient to the Lord’s direction. 

The fact that you haven’t received the good job or the new car or the house is because you were put into situations you were supposed to bless someone (because they gave you even a cup of cold water) and you neglected to do so putting YOUR blessing on hold. For example, the other day I went to see my mother at her job. When she came out we got into her car; she told me that she was waiting for a co-worker. We spotted the co-worker a few cars down. I noticed a man talking to her then suddenly he left. Then I noticed that she has a flat tire. Stupid me (I thought) when I asked my mother if I should help her with the flat. Before she could answer, I was out of the car and tapping on her co-worker’s window. The woman concented to my help and we went to retrieve the jack to fix the flat. Then I saw that she has a donut on the back along with the flat on the front, a new tire in the trunk along with a bald flat tire which was the reason for the donut. This girl was in trouble. Long story short, the lug nuts were on too tight for me to break so I drove the car to the tire shop; instructed the mechanic to put a new tire on the front, change the donut (she had a tire in the trunk) and put the tire on the rim which was in the trunk on the bald tire. I negotiated the price and told the girl. She wanted to put it on her credit card because she didn’t have the cash. We found out that the shop didn’t take credit cards and the mechanic was almost finished the work. What would you do? I didn’t know the woman, yet she gave me the keys to her car and rode with my mother. I believe that she recognized God’s helping hand at work.

At that point I was hungry. I only had breakfast and it was just after four in the afternoon. Meanwhile, she went to the store to get some cash and came back with something to eat. She offered me some. Looking back at the scripture above, she put into motion a promise of God that if you give “even a cup of cold water” to a disciple of Jesus Christ, which I am, you will get your reward.

Me not knowing the background in this case, I believe the girl was in her car stressing, wondering what to do knowing that she had no money and two bad tires on her car which she needed to get to work. I believe she was crying out to God and God sent me. Follow me on this.

God orchestrated this situation for two reasons. The first reason was to answer the prayer of the woman while building her faith in God. If you trust God, He will always send someone to help you in your time of need. The second was so that He could do something for me. How do I know this? Because she asked for help (Matthew 7:7) recognized in her spirit that God came to her rescue by sending me, then she gave me something (the food) to put the principle into motion. You identify that the person asking for help belongs to the body of Christ because they gave (Luke 6:38). The devil will never give you something because he steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10). Can you see her reward for crying out to God and trusting Him for the answer? My blessing came because I paid for the tires and sent the girl on her way. Since then, God has been showing me favor everywhere I go. I’m just honored that I was sent and that I can pray for you and receive answers that does deliver you out of bad situations you may find yourself in. God is truly good if you believe.


One thought on “Nothing happens by accident

  1. Good post. I believe in “divine appointments”. There is nothing by chance by a God who creates history. The joy of the Christian life is take full advantage of opportunities to plant the seed of God’s Word.

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