Living the Word of God

A Secret To Forgo Worry

One of the great and precious promises the Lord gives us that we don’t take FULL advantage of is the ability to cast our cares upon Him.

Scripture says: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you” (1st Peter 5:7 NIV).

When you cast your cares upon the Lord, they are no longer your problems. They are no longer your worries. When you learn to think of victory with those challenges instead of a continuous negative worrisome view of them, they will dissipate because you gave them to the Lord.

Instead I find many people trying to bare the load themselves. Do you actually think you can change matters? It don’t matter what you bring to the Lord or how many times you bring your burdens to the Lord, neither how big or how small they are, He wants you to bring them so you can do other thinks with the time you have in your life.

Because we don’t do what He commands has a lot to do with pride and we all know pride comes before you fall. (See Proverbs 11:2.) By going to the Father in the Name of Jesus with your problems as the scripture points out, brings you closer to Him and enriches your relationship with Him. It gives you an opportunity to prove His word. It will also build your faith in Him. He’s the only one I know that can handle them. Talk to Him about all your challenges today and see if it makes a difference.


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