Living the Word of God

Back to Basics

The Bible to some is like a puzzle and to others it’s full of mysteries. It’s quite simple though. If you could imagine the world through the eyes of a child, you would be that much closer to understanding the kingdom of heaven. Everything you need, ask for or desire will be given to you based upon the way you treat people and the motivation of our heart. In case you forgot, here’s a little about children.  There is one thing about children that is priceless – Kids are very forgiving. There are no colors when they choose playmates. And if you don’t have any cookies, they are the first to share without you even asking. We all bleed red. As we grow up, hatred in some form or another clouds our judgment, pride fills our nostrils and the desire to be first and have the best of everything competition throws away the basis of love for most. Let that be the reason why you are struggling so much. Life isn’t supposed to be that difficult.


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