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Who’s Influencing Your Decisions?

The decisions we make in our everyday lives comes through much influence by outside sources. The people whom we associate with have a lot of influence over our decisions. You don’t believe me? Just create a problem and tell it to your friends. By end of the day, you will find out that everyone who you told the problem to has an opinion, a word of advice or immediately becomes a professional in that area. Another place to find this type of help comes from the workplace. Not only will you receive all types of directions to go in solving your problems, but you get the backlash of everyone at work talking about you and knowing your business. I like the people at the barbershop. Why it takes 45 minutes to get a crew cut, I’ll never know. So the barber, tries his very best to get you to talk about something, anything. Once your problem is spoken, everyone in the barbershop has an opinion – first, the other barbers gives their opinion, then all the men waiting in line takes their turn. Not only does everyone have an opinion, the matter isn’t settled until you are forced (by peer pressure) to solve your problem with the most popular consensus. Most of the time, the crowd goes with the solution brought up by the one who has argued his case most convincingly. The problem being, the solution given may not be right. I resolve to believe that you must always consider the source.

Every Pastor, Preacher and Teacher of the Word of God has been commissioned from God to correct, rebuke and encourage you with great patience and careful instruction. (2 Timothy 4:2-4) After you receive this instruction, you supposed to go take a good look into the mirror, and make the decision to do whatever was spoken about to correct your situation and solve your problem. Now comes the hard part. You must do whatever you need to do to make your body your slave so that you will not be disqualified to share in the inheritance (1 Corinthians 9:24-27) If it’s losing weight, you might have to pass up the whole cake and settle for a small piece and exercise; if it’s one of the great habits like smoking, drinking, or sex, then your best solution is disassociating with the people places or things that drive that desire. Then your eyes will be opened to see the sin of the world; so that you can decide to turn from that darkness and the power of satan towards the light and the love of God.  Then after you have put your body under your control again offering it as a sacrifice to God, you are to help others do the same by living a godly life and by testifying to others how God changed your life.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Romans 12:1-3)

It’s a painful process which requires obedience and discipline. During this process, the devil rears his ugly head and brings conflict into the solution. In most cases he will use some of the people who has heard about your situation to complain even to the process of soliciting others to side with them against those whom God has chosen to lead you towards your victory. In others, he will even use your own family.  Aaron and his wife complained about Moses because he was chosen by God to lead.  If you look deeper into the problem, there had to be some kind of motivation which brought Aaron and his wife to speak out against Moses. After all, Aaron was with Moses from the beginning and crossed the Red Sea with Moses. Anyway the result of Aaron and his wife complaining led to this: The one Aaron loved very much became sick with a disease that barred her into isolation from the Israelites.

And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman. And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us? And the LORD heard [it]. (Now the man Moses [was] very meek, above all the men which [were] upon the face of the earth.) And the LORD spake suddenly unto Moses, and unto Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they three came out. And the LORD came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood [in] the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth. And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, [I] the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, [and] will speak unto him in a dream. My servant Moses [is] not so, who [is] faithful in all mine house. With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed. And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam [became] leprous, [white] as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, [she was] leprous. And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned. Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother’s womb. And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee. And the LORD said unto Moses, If her father had but spit in her face, should she not be ashamed seven days? let her be shut out from the camp seven days, and after that let her be received in [again]. And Miriam was shut out from the camp seven days: and the people journeyed not till Miriam was brought in [again]. (Numbers 12:1-15)

Or When those who came against God’s anointed with a group of 250 community leaders with them (Korah, Dathan, and Abiram) thinking that it would sway the anointing in their favor because they were many, God killed them all (Numbers 16:1-35) It’s like having a fire destroying everything you owned then dying shortly thereafter. Even when we talk bad about our leaders, we put a frown upon God’s face because God established all leaders: “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.” (Romans 13:1 NLT) and the penalty for disobedience is already set.  Obedience is a hard pill to swallow if you are full of pride. Pride goes before destruction, a hauty spirit before a fall. (Pro 16:18) The solution is simple:  Lift up those who labor for your souls. Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. (Math 10:40-41) but when you talk about those who God has place in authority to guide you, calamity comes on you, then on your family. The word of the Lord has spoken.

Question: If you are the leader of your household, and you set examples for your kids to follow and you show disregard for those in authority, what do you think your children’s actions would be when they are faced with authority? Whatever your answer is, good or bad, it will be amplified by those whom you influence.


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