Living the Word of God

The Ingredient For A Harvest

I brought some seeds, soil and a pot to plant some seeds and planted them. It took nearly 3 weeks before I saw anything happening. While the seeds were deep under the dirt, I kept wondering if it would work; do I have a green thumb or did I plant them for nothing? I had to keep reminding myself it will work according to the law found in Genesis 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Notice the words: SEED – TIME – then afterwards comes the HARVEST. This is the process of faith. In order for the promises of God to come to pass in your life, you must plant the seed (the word of God) deep into your heart (which is the soil) then you must wait before you receive the fruits of what (the harvest) you planted.

So if you are wondering: “Hey, where’s my harvest?” Take a look at how you processed the seed. Did you plant it in good soil? Did you water it with praise and thanksgiving? Or did you dig it up with unbelief? Many people will believe the Word for a short time. At the time of testing, because they don’t have enough faith in the Word, they back off and settle for the thought that the Word doesn’t work. There is not one good story, movie, play, or any good thing that does not have a time of testing. The test separates “The men from the boys,” “The haves from the have nots.” If you want something bad enough, you will endure to the end to receive it.

Then I saw this little one sprout up but it was planted in shallow soil and after a few days it died off on the top of the soil.  That’s like us.  When we go to church and hear a powerful word but take no notes, buy no tape nor review any of the scriptures of what was spoken, some of us as soon as we leave church the devil already stole what you got from the service. To get the Word planted into your heart, you have to study it, meditate on it, read it over and over while believing that the Word is the answer to your problem. And when you start to act like it IS the answer to your situation, then you start to believe it will work and it will. Preachers were delegated to get the message from God to give to you. Just like Moses was to the Israelites.  It you can’t receive from your Preacher, (because of lack of respect) find yourself a new church. I venture to say that it’s not the preacher. No matter what he does, he has to answer to God for his actions. You job is to believe the Word of God regardless of the situation.

Now there was one that took root and sprouted. It looks beautiful.  I looked into the pot, and though this one looks strong, I saw a leaf already shriveling up because it’s not getting the sun and nutrients it needs. That’s like us when we only go to hear the word once a week or on Easter and Christmas.  When the devil attacks us, we shrivel up, cave in and give up to the cares of this world. To be strong in the Lord, you have to develop a relationship with Him so that you know Him, Think of it like a physical relationship you have or may have had.  At the beginning you asked many questions, spent time on the phone, went places, etc, until you knew them. We won’t comment on what happened except to say you gave up. You stopped loving, giving, spending time, asking questions – a guaranteed relationship stopper. The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lam 3:22-23 ESV) At least God has His arms opened wide waiting for you to come back.  He loves you. He will make your rocky places smooth again.  He loves you.  Praise the Lord! I’m getting all mushy basking in His love knowing that you too can feel the power of His love to make you over again.  Have a blessed day.


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