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Points to Ponder

Have you ever heard this saying: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Prov 22:6? Have you ever noticed when your child wakes up, they are rearing with energy? The wise parent harnesses that energy into something creative, productive or something that will develop that innate talent within that child. Have you ever seen or heard of Tiger Woods? If you notice, when they talk about Tiger Woods, they would sometimes show him as a child with his father learning the game of golf. Look at him now. If you allow video games to train your child how to kill, stab, punch, kick, etc., especially early in the morning when their ability to learn is at it’s highest, what would they become? Go figure.

This week is in honor of Fathers Day. Consider what happens to the children when the man and woman, who are suppose to weather each storm, decide to quit and go their separate ways. Parenting is a tag team operation. When one is unable, the other fills in. As a parent, it’s your choice what you allow them to do with their time. They can grow up like the kids depicted in the video? Or they can become like those kids who did (take your pick) Sandy Hook, The Marathon Bombing, the four year old shooting his father in Arizona? The list goes on and on. Parenting is a sacrifice of your life’s dreams, goals and ambition (for about 18 years) to perfect that direction you allow for your kids.

I Like Giving – Day 4


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